May Science Seminar: Rain-on-Snow Responses to Warming and Their Implications for Streamflow and Stream Temperature in the Great Lakes Basin


Snow processes play a key role in the hydrology and ecology of cold regions. Climate change is likely to change the magnitude, timing, and spatial patterns of snowpacks. This is especially true in the Great Lakes Basin, where decreases in snowpack, intensified snowmelt, and more frequent rain-on-snow events are causing changes in streamflow and stream temperature in ecologically important rivers. 

MW CASC Grad Student and Postdoc Training: Climate Adaptation Planning


The second session of the 2024 MW CASC Early Career Researcher Training Series will take place February 14 from 2:30 - 4:00pm CT. This session will focus on climate adaptation planning and will feature three natural resource professionals sharing their experience in conducting vulnerability assessments. Each will share their insights in 15 minute talks, then we will have a panel discussion moderated by Nikki Berry, Graduate Research Assistant at Miami University-Ohio and USGS Intern.