Innovation in Adaptation Speaker Series

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Climate adaptation is a burgeoning field – as such, innovation is important to its evolution and applicability. To support this need, the Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (MW CASC) is launching a new special speaker series called “Innovation in Adaptation” which aims to help adaptation researchers and practitioners and those in related fields learn from one another and share inspiring stories about purpose, meaning, and discovery. 

“Innovation depends on creativity, insight, and inspiration, as well as a willingness to experiment, test assumptions, and learn from failure. Just as climate adaptation can be thought of as a process not an endpoint, successful innovation typically results from an intentional and iterative process.”

Innovation in Climate Adaptation: Harnessing Innovation for Effective Biodiversity and Ecosystem Adaptation 

The Innovation in Adaptation series will highlight new voices and tools in the field of climate adaptation, as well as experts with perspectives or experiences that push the boundaries of adaptation science. The setting and format of events in this series will vary and will often be developed in partnership with other organizations. 

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